5 of the Largest Slip and Fall Cases in History

Slip and fall cases happen when a property owner or another liable party doesn’t ensure that a premises is free of all hazards that could cause a visitor to fall and get injured. It’s the property owner’s duty to keep their premises safe so that people don’t slip, trip, or fall on any unexpected hazards. When they are negligent and cause a guest to fall and get hurt, they will likely have to payout financial compensation for the victim.

If the situation had egregious negligence, then that payout could be a large amount. Here are five of the largest slip and fall cases in history, what happened, and their winnings for victims.

Falling in a Manhole

Trigen-Philadelphia Energy was found liable when a University of Pennsylvania medical student fell 18 feet into an open manhole. The student suffered from spinal cord injuries that catastrophically changed his life by rendering him incapable of remaining a student and he could no longer pursue his career. He received $18 million for his slip and fall claim.

The energy company was found liable because there was a problem happening that they should have fixed. After investigation, it was revealed that the manhole cover was missing because a homeless person had removed it to seek shelter. This was a large problem in the area, and Trigen-Philadelphia Energy knew about the problem but did nothing to correct it.

Slipping Outside a Convenience Store

In Virginia, a woman slipped outside of a convenience store on a raised sidewalk and suffered from severe brain injuries as a result. Dark algae had formed on the sidewalk, which is what caused her to slip, hit her head, and lose consciousness.

The owner of the convenience store, the Miller Oil Company, did not have a sign to warn customers about the algae, which made them liable for her slip and fall. Her payout from her claim was $12.2 million.

Slipping Outside Wal-Mart

A grease spill in a Colorado Wal-Mart parking lot is the cause of the next large slip and fall case. A truck driver slipped and fell on this grease spill in their parking lot. This fall caused her to suffer from three spinal injuries, which left her unable to work and she lost her truck.

Wal-Mart attempted to argue that the spill never happened. But the truck driver’s claims were upheld in court. She got a settlement of $10 million for her injuries and damages. Wal-Mart appealed, but the verdict was upheld.

Falling Through a Hole

A Penn State University student was at an off-campus party when she fell through a hole that used to be a skylight. Initially, you might think that the fault is on her, but it’s not. The hole was covered by a piece of plywood and carpet, which hid the hole, and an unsuspecting guest could step on it and fall through. She did just that and fell 20 feet. She suffered from head and spinal injuries that paralyzed her.

The owners of the house were deemed liable because the covering of the hole was reckless. The student was awarded $11.6 million in compensation for the damages that she suffered.

Slipping on a Driveway

Landlords were held responsible for a tenant’s slip and fall on a driveway in the winter. The tenant slips and falls on ice in his apartment’s driveway. He suffered from several broken leg bones that resulted in complications because he was diabetic. His leg was almost amputated from the injuries and complications.

In this case, the landlord was responsible for the injuries and damages because they were the party who was to clear the driveway of ice. Since they failed to remove it, they were liable. The tenant received $7.75 million in their settlement.

Bey & Associates Will Fight For You

All of the situations above show instances when the property owner did not properly clear their property of dangerous hazards for people who are legally allowed to be on the premises. When they are especially negligent or reckless, it can lead to large payouts like the ones above.

When you’ve slipped and fallen on someone else’s property and it was their fault, you could use the help of an Atlanta slip and fall lawyer from Bey & Associates. We’ll guide you through the claim process and ensure you get justice for your injuries and damages. Reach out to our office today for a free consultation.

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