5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Car in Georgia

Buying a new car marks an exciting time in your life. Your independence increases when you buy and own your car. When purchasing a new car, you should know some questions to ask the dealership before accepting any offers. When you ask these questions, you ensure that you understand what you’ll pay for and your car includes the features that you need to drive safely.

Many new cars contain advanced technology to help prevent car accidents. Whether it’s a lane change, parallel parking, or auto-braking, your car’s technologies could keep you out of a collision. When car accidents do happen, you want an experienced and trustworthy attorney at your side. The Atlanta car accident lawyers at Bey & Associates have represented car accident victims for years and helped them get compensation for their damages.

When making the big decision, here are 5 questions to ask before buying a new car in Georgia:

Are There Mandatory Fees?

When you’re buying a car, your final cost might be higher than what you originally thought it would be. The dealership could tack some extra fees that you didn’t know about before. Some of these costs could be for advertising or associated fees.

Before you agree to purchase the car, ask about any mandatory fees that you should expect to see when you’re ready to pay.

What Does the Warranty Coverage Include?

Ask about the warranty so you’ll know what to expect when it come to maintenance and repairing your car. Your warranty could cover certain aspects of your car, but not all of them. You’ll want to know the details so you know what you’re paying for.

What Are the Car’s Insurance Rates?

Get an idea of what the insurance coverage is, and where you can get the car repaired. You can ask the dealership or your insurer.

If you aren’t sure about the insurance rates, you can get some quotes online to get an idea of what your insurance rates will probably be.

Has the Car Been in an Accident?

New cars have accidents, too. You could be its first owner, but the car has traveled long distances to get to your dealership. Shipping isn’t always a smooth process, and it’s possible that your car could have been hit or scratched.

It’s best to ask if anything happened and look for areas of the car that seem odd, whether it’s the damage or something seems to be covered up.

What Safety Features Does This Car Have?

Get the details about all the car’s safety features. If you’re deciding between cars, the one that offers more safety features could be a deciding factor for you.

Some examples of safety features to look for in a new car include:

  • Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS). These brakes allow you to slam on them and steer when you need to stop in a hurry. With other brakes, you typically have to pump them and gradually slow your car. But in an emergency, your natural reaction will be to hit the brakes and press as hard as you can. An ABS is designed to help prevent your wheels from locking, so you can still steer the car. This could be a great asset for people who get winter weather.
  • Auto-Braking. If you’re about to hit an object and your car senses that you’re not responding, the car will brake for you. This could prevent potential collisions.
  • Back-Up Cameras. This feature will help you reverse your car and get a clear view of what’s going on behind your car. The cameras might also include lines that show if you’re driving in a straight line and help judge distance between your car and another object behind you.
  • Sensors. Back-up sensors beep when your car is getting to close to another object. There’s also sensors that help you with your blind spots and if you’re swerving out of your lane.
  • Self-Parking. Parallel parking can be stressful for some people. A self-parking feature helps parallel park safely and reduce collisions with stationary objects.

With these five questions in your pocket, you’ll have a great starting point to finding out key information about the car you’re considering and might lead you to another car that you hadn’t thought about before. When you approach this process carefully and ask questions to know all you can about your potential new car, you’ll be able to find the perfect car for you.

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