5 Warning Signs You Should Talk to an Elder Abuse Attorney in Atlanta, GA

One in every six elderly people has experienced some kind of abuse in their old age. It can have drastic consequences for both themselves as well as their family in many cases. Though, how can you recognize whether what you are seeing is abuse or normal issues that face older individuals?

If you think your family member or friend is facing such issues, you will want to contact an elder abuse attorney as soon as you can. So, this article will help you work out if that is the case so you can take the appropriate steps.

1. Frequent “Accidents”

When you visit, finding bumps, cuts, and bruises on your relative or friend can often be something troubling. While a few bumps here and there might be something to expect in old age, if they are too frequent these might be signs of elder abuse.

Check over the person you visit and see if they have multiple injuries at different stages of healing. These might show a pattern of abuse over time instead of only one bad fall or injury.

2. Changes in Behavior or Mood

Nursing home abuse or familial abuse often comes with changes in the elderly person’s mood. They may become depressed, especially if they feel as though they have no recourse to find safety elsewhere. This lack of agency during abuse can be detrimental to their mental health.

The more sudden and long-lasting the change is, the more likely there is a causal factor and not just someone who has “gotten out of bed on the wrong side”.

3. Not Looking After Themselves

People who face abuse often withdraw from many of their habits or hobbies. They may neglect their hygiene or stop eating due to depression.

If the person relies on others to help them handle these things, this will instead be a sign they are not receiving the help they need.

4. Financial Issues

Sometimes, the abuse is financial in nature. Someone could be the target of a scam, causing them to hemorrhage money from their accounts.

Things like changes to a will, or a shift in the power of attorney, could suggest such trouble. This is especially the case when it happens without the victim’s consent.

The best elder abuse attorney will be able to help you sift through financial records to find such issues. They can then start the process to protect the elderly figure through legal channels.

5. Isolation Tactics

Any elder abuse definition includes the idea that they might be isolated from friends and family. This empowers the abuser to act without repercussions. Thus, if you or others are suddenly cut off, even with the supposed assent of the elderly figure, be suspicious of why.

Finding a Skilled Elder Abuse Attorney

Knowing the above can help you understand if you need to contact an elder abuse attorney, as well as what to mention when you do. If you want to find a lawyer to help combat elder abuse in Georgia, we can help you out.

Our attorneys are experts in this area of legal aid and can start the steps toward protecting your family member or friend moving forward. Get in contact today for a free consultation and start the process.

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