Beyond the ER: Advocating for Long-Term Medical Care in Atlanta, GA

Accidental injuries are a leading cause of medical treatment, hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and even death. If you suffer from a severe, catastrophic, or debilitating injury due to someone else’s negligence, you should not have to worry about bearing all your long-term medical costs alone.

At Bey & Associates, you can enlist the expertise of a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta who will review your personal injury accident and help you get justice and your rightful compensation.

Let us look at how our personal injury lawyers can ensure you get long-term medical care.

Comprehensive Case Evaluation

Personal injury lawyers will thoroughly evaluate the client’s case, including the extent of their injuries, the long-term medical needs, and the projected costs of future medical care. This assessment helps determine the appropriate compensation amount to cover ongoing medical expenses.

Expert Medical Evaluation

A personal injury lawyer in Atlanta may collaborate with medical experts to accurately assess the client’s current and future medical needs. Medical experts can provide insights into the necessary treatments, therapies, and rehabilitation services for the client’s recovery.

Calculating Long-Term Medical Expenses

Personal injury lawyers will work with economic experts to calculate the projected long-term medical expenses, taking into account medical treatments, medications, surgeries, rehabilitation, assistive devices, and other related costs.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies avoid paying out the maximum amount and will try to force you to accept low-ball settlement amounts. Personal injury lawyers will negotiate with the insurers on your behalf to ensure that their long-term medical care needs are adequately compensated.

Presenting Evidence in Court

If a fair settlement cannot be reached through negotiations, the lawyer will present evidence in court to demonstrate the client’s long-term medical care needs. This evidence includes medical records, expert testimonies, and financial projections.

Establishing Liability

To secure compensation for long-term medical care, personal injury lawyers will work to establish the at-fault party’s liability. They will gather evidence and witness testimonies to show that the defendant’s negligence or wrongful actions caused the injuries, resulting in large medical expenses.

Pursuing Various Options for Compensation

 A personal injury lawyer identifies and explores all possible options for compensation, including the defendant’s insurance coverage, third-party liability, or other sources of recovery.

Structured Settlements

In cases involving significant long-term medical care needs, our lawyer may negotiate for a structured settlement, which provides periodic payments to cover ongoing medical expenses.

Guardianship and Special Needs Trust

In cases where the injured party is unable to manage their own finances or medical decisions due to the severity of the injuries, the lawyer may assist in establishing a guardianship or a special needs trust to ensure that the compensation is managed appropriately for the client’s benefit.

Monitoring the Client’s Progress

Personal injury lawyers maintain communication with their clients and regularly review their medical progress to ensure that their long-term medical care needs are continually met and reflected in any ongoing legal proceedings.

Our Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlanta, GA, Can Help

By advocating for long-term medical care, personal injury lawyers help clients focus on their recovery and quality of life while securing the necessary resources for their future well-being in Atlanta, GA.

If you or your loved one has been severely injured due to a party violating reasonable duty of care, you should schedule a consultation with Bey & Associates. We will review your case and gather strong evidence to back up your claims to give you the best chance for fair compensation.

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