What Can We Do About America’s Growing Elderly Population?

About 617 million people are 65 years old or older. With a large elderly population, the need for care communities is increasing. At some point, you might not be able to take care of an elderly loved one and decide to move them to a nursing home.

Some nursing homes don’t provide the best environment for their residents. Whether it’s due to understaffing or staff who are too rough with residents, nursing home neglect does happen.

If you find that a loved one has been abused or neglected in a nursing home in Atlanta, Georgia, know that you don’t have to deal with this alone. Bey & Associates handles cases like this and will help you and your loved one get justice. Our skilled nursing home neglect lawyers will protect your loved one and work to prevent this from happening at that nursing home again.

What Are the Benefits of Nursing Homes?

Moving your loved one into a nursing home is an emotional decision, but remember you’re doing this to improve their quality of life. While people might think of nursing homes as a place for patients, this isn’t always the case. The elderly people who live there are residents, just like in an apartment complex. Nursing homes have constant care, a rich social aspect, and a warm, caring environment that will give your loved one a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

Nursing homes can provide:

  • Skilled Nursing
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Long-Term Care
  • Nutritious Diet
  • Physical Fitness
  • Social Activities

Nursing homes take care of you loved one on all fronts. With professionals watching out for their safety, living with a community of peers, and engaging in activities to keep their mental and physical health sharp, your loved one will thrive in their new home.

How Do You Find a Good Nursing Home?

Not all nursing homes keep the same standards. Don’t rush when finding a nursing home for your loved one. Here’s a Medicare checklist of aspects to look for in a quality nursing home.

  • Talk to Staff, Other Families, and Residents. Get an idea of the people in the home. Talk to staff and see how they interact with other residents. Speak to other families about their opinions of the place and see how the residents like the place.
  • Look for Cleanliness of Residents and Community. See if residents are clean and dressed. The home shouldn’t have any strange smells or seem unhygienic. Nursing homes do get occasional messes, but a good one will clean it as soon as possible.
  • Taste the Food. Your loved one’s nutrition will affect their health. If you can, taste the food yourself. It should be healthy and delicious. Look at menu options if you can. A home without a good food plan will not be beneficial to your loved one.
  • Find out What Activities Are Available. Learn about the community and how your loved one can get involved and make new friendships.
  • Visit Again. You don’t have to make a decision after the first trip. Visit a second time after you’ve made all the initial first trip notes.
  • Trust Your Gut. If a place seems off to you, cross the home off your list. You want peace of mind that your loved one is in the best place possible.

Do You Need an Atlanta Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer?

When you need a nursing home neglect lawyer, Bey & Associates has compassionate and experienced lawyers ready to work with you.

We understand how stressful and time-consuming this can be, and our job is to help you get the compensation you deserve. Call us today at (877) 762-4997.

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