How Can a Mass Tort Claim Help Me?

Every year, Georgia residents are injured, harmed, and suffer because of dangerous products like medical devices and drugs that are not properly tested or were rushed to market too quickly. When this happens, individuals harmed by these products can file what’s referred to as a product liability claim against the manufacturer. Doing so may award a suffering or struggling family with the financial compensation they need to move forward.

More times than not, when a product or drug is discovered to be dangerous, multiple victims will come forward who have experienced the same symptoms, injuries, or negative consequences. In cases like this, it’s common for legal teams to form what’s known as a mass tort or multidistrict litigation (MDL) claim.

Mass torts consolidate multiple claims into one when going up against a product manufacturer or major corporation. Every victim gets rewarded separate, full compensation if the case succeeds, but in consolidating the multiple claims, the plaintiff lawyers (the attorneys helping those who were injured) can build a stronger case that even the most powerful of legal departments will have difficulty disputing.

When Can a Mass Tort Claim Help My Family?

Most of us are familiar with mass tort law whether we realize it or not. Anytime you see or hear a television/radio commercial about getting legal help for drug or product side effects or complications, there’s generally a law firm behind that advertisement that specializes in mass torts. Mass tort claims often include hundreds or even thousands of individual claims. When a manufacturer causes this many individuals and families to suffer, legal action needs to be taken.

If you’re a Georgia resident, filing a drug or dangerous medical device lawsuit and joining a mass tort may seem like a daunting task. With the help of an experienced and thorough Atlanta product liability lawyer, however, you can rest easy while the lawsuit is processed. A mass tort is generally no more complicated than a regular single lawsuit for the plaintiff (party filing the suit). As with all civil claims, mass torts take a fair time to settle, but as mentioned above, they have a higher chance of succeeding.

Large corporations like drug and device manufacturers often have a great deal of legal power and know how to find loopholes that may make proving individual product liability claims difficult. A mass tort, on the other hand, is difficult to argue with since so many individuals experienced similar symptoms or side effects.

If you or someone you love was harmed or has suffered due to complications from a prescription drug or a medical device which was believed to be safe, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit that can aid your recovery process as well as cover costs such as loss of wage costs and pain and suffering costs. In addition, lawsuits and mass torts send a message that dangerous drug and manufacturers can’t ignore.

That message is simple and states that safety needs to be a priority for all product manufacturers. Unsafe products shouldn’t be made available for sale. For more information on mass torts, read our blog on the most popular mass torts of 2017 or get in touch with Bey & Associates today. Our Atlanta law office can tell you if you’re eligible to file a claim at no cost to you.

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