Why Do Car Accident Injuries Appear in a Delayed Manner?

Car accidents are traumatic experiences.  They can leave lingering physical and emotional damage.  Many car accident injures do not display symptoms right away.  What seems like minor or mild pain initially can develop into severe and debilitating pain over the next few weeks.

Everyone reacts to stress differently.  Some experience mental fog, some severe shock, and some a rush of adrenaline.  This can make it difficult to determine your injuries immediately following an accident.

The initial shock of the accident causes your body to produce endorphins, the brain’s natural coping mechanism when experiencing trauma and sensory overload.  Endorphins mask pain and other symptoms of injury.  In the days following the accident, the brain stops producing endorphins and medical concerns that were hidden before begin to appear and cause problems.

Late-appearing car accident injuries most often include damage to the neck, spine, back and head.  Soft tissue neck injuries, also known as whiplash, involves pain that worsens over time, often requiring expensive physical therapy.  The pain from whiplash can make it difficult for someone to sit or lay in a certain position for any lengthy amount of time.

Headaches that develop days after a car accident are common and may indicate a serious problem such as concussion, brain injury or blood clot.  Back pain after a car accident can mean damage to the ligaments and muscles has occurred.  Pain, swelling or bruising of the abdomen is an indication of internal bleeding.  Numbness or loss of feeling in the arms or legs is a side effect of severe whiplash that can linger for weeks.

Changes in personality or emotional state can be a side effect of a concussion.  Problems with hearing or vision, memory, or movement are all symptoms that warrant urgent medical care.  Post traumatic stress disorder is common particularly in children who have been in a car accident.  Recurring nightmares and flashbacks can have a major impact on emotional state long after a crash.

It is important to seek medical attention in the immediate days after an accident.  A full physical evaluation is important to determine if there are any potential signs of injury.  Mention any level of pain to your doctor no matter how insignificant it may seem.

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