Child Dog Bite Victim In McDonough Park

Dog Bite Injuries can be some of the most gruesome personal injuries especially in children. If your child is the victim of a dog bite, it is imperative to identify the owner to make sure the dog is up-to-date on it’s shots.

At a park in McDonough, the family of a three year old child have not been successful in locating the owner of the dog who bit their precious daughter. If their search for the owner continues to be in vain, their little girl will have to undergo a 6 week series of rabies vaccinations in order to prevent the potentially fatal disease.

The Henning family was eating ice in a McDonough park when their 3 year old daughter asked two ladies sitting on a bench if she could pet their small dog. They were told that the dog was friendly and the little girl could pet it.

At first, the Henning family said the dog showed no signs of aggression for a few minutes while their daughter was petting it, however, when she went to pet it one last time, the dog lunged at her face biting her right above her eye.

The Hennings stated in a social media post that during the confusion after their daughter was bitten, the two ladies sitting on the bench left the park before they could get any of the ladies information or ask critical question regarding whether or not their dog had shots. 

The Henning’s daughter had her eye patched and will undergo the rabies vaccinations if the owners are not found. With little information regarding the owners and the dog, the family is having a hard time locating them.

What To Do If Your Child Is The Victim Of A Dog Attack

If you or a loved one has fallen victim to a dog bite in McDonough, GA, you may need the help of a personal injury attorney to help file a claim against the owner.

Georgia ranks 8th in the nation for dog-related claims and the experienced attorneys at Bey & Associates have handled many cases involving dog bite injuries throughout greater Atlanta. We provide a free case evaluation to see how we can best assist with your dog bite injury claim.

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