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Accidents happen. Unfortunately, those accidents can lead to you being injured physically or emotionally. When that happens, you’ll likely want to hold the party who was responsible for your accident accountable for their actions. That’s why hiring a Dayton personal injury lawyer from Bey & Associates, LLC is beneficial to you. Our experienced team will work tirelessly to make sure that you get the justice you deserve in your case. Let’s take a look at the different cases we can help you with in Dayton.

What Kind of Cases Can We Help You With?

After an accident leaves you injured, it’s likely you’ll have medical bills to treat your injuries. Since the accident wasn’t your fault, though, those bills shouldn’t be your responsibility—they should be the responsibility of the party liable for your accident. Here are the different cases we represent, so that you can recover damages for the injuries you endured.

Car Accidents

Car accidents happen every day. While some are minor, others are severe enough to cause injuries, and sometimes even death. In 2018, there were nearly 3 million injuries reported from car accidents. On top of injuries, car accidents typically result in property damage. When you file a car accident claim, you will compile all of your medical bills, mechanic bills, and any other documents that prove you were financially affected by the accident and fight to receive compensation for those costs.

The amount you receive in compensation will be determined by all the costs you incurred as well as any wages you lost from missing work. When we investigate your claim to determine how much you deserve to recover financially, a Dayton car accident lawyer will also look into who was at fault for the accident since Ohio is an at-fault state. This will solidify your claim and ensure that the other party will be held responsible for the damages they caused you.

Truck Accidents

In terms of fault and what we will look into to calculate fair compensation for your truck accident claim, many of the details are similar to car accident claims. One of the big differences, though, is that truck accident claims aren’t always just brought against the truck driver—they can also be brought against an entity like the trucking company or a part manufacturer whose product malfunctioned. This can make taking legal action more complex.

On top of that, injuries from collisions with large trucks are often more severe and life-changing. When the wreck is between a regular-sized car and a commercial truck, the weight and size of the truck are much larger, which leads to worse injuries for the driver and other passengers in the car. When these accidents are fatal, 67% of the fatalities are the occupants of the passenger vehicles. That’s why you could benefit from having a Dayton truck accident lawyer from Bey & Associates, LLC on your side—we’ll handle your case while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing homes are supposed to provide around the clock care for your loved one when they can no longer take care of themselves. You put your trust in their nursing home to care for your loved one just as you would; but unfortunately, that’s not always what happens. Sometimes nursing homes are understaffed, which leads to your loved one being neglected. Or even worse, a staff member or resident could be intentionally abusing your loved one instead of keeping them safe.

When you suspect that your loved one is being abused or neglected in their long-term care facility, you should feel comfortable speaking up to get them treated the way they deserve. Although going up against a facility can be intimidating, having help from our Dayton nursing home abuse attorney will give you the support you need to feel comfortable making your claim. At Bey & Associates, LLC, we want to make sure that you feel supported through your case so that you can get justice.

If you believe you have a personal injury claim, but it doesn’t fall under one of these categories, we still might be able to help you. When someone else’s negligent actions led to your injury, you deserve to be compensated for injuries and damages you didn’t cause. Our Dayton personal injury lawyers can answer any question you have about a potential case and can provide you with experienced legal support.

What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

You might be hesitant to file a personal injury claim because you are unsure how a personal injury lawyer will help you. We understand legal action is intimidating because it can feel like a big commitment of your time, energy, and finances, but sometimes it is the only way to ensure that the people who wronged you are held accountable for their actions. When you hire a Dayton personal injury lawyer from Bey & Associates, LLC, we will do everything in our power to ensure that your commitment pays off.

Our lawyers are well-versed in personal injury law and know the exact elements of your case that will be the most important in calculating proper compensation. We are prepared to fight for a fair settlement, but we are also prepared to take your case to court if a settlement is not possible. Our experience with personal injury cases has us ready to do whatever it takes to win for you.

When you have a personal injury lawyer on your side, we can also help you handle any disputes with your insurance company. After an accident, your insurance company might try to withhold coverage that they owe you for your damages. We can be your liaison to ensure that your insurance company is treating you as they should as well as help you navigate interacting with an insurance adjuster.

Insurance adjusters are employees who are sent to evaluate the damages you reported to your insurance company. Although you might initially think they’re on your side, you have to be careful when talking to insurance adjusters because they are always trying to save their company money. A personal injury attorney will be able to coach you through the interaction and inform you of what you should and shouldn’t say to the insurance adjuster on the phone or in person.

Even more, a Dayton personal injury lawyer will be able to fight for a fair settlement for you. Most personal injury claims are settled out of court because going to trial takes a lot of time and money that isn’t necessarily needed to get a fair settlement. But the negligent party might also push for a quick settlement because they want you to settle for less than you deserve.

Although an attorney from Bey & Associates, LLC is prepared to take your claim to court, they will fight hard to get you a fair settlement from the negligent party or insurance company instead. We will take all the time we need to ensure that you get justice for your injuries, damages, and any other costs that you should financially recover through your claim.

Damages You Could Recover

Since your injury stems from an accident that wasn’t your fault, you’re likely seeking to recover damages from the party who was responsible for your accident. You might be wondering what kind of damages you can recover. With help from a Dayton personal injury attorney, you could be compensated for economic and noneconomic damages, depending on what is applicable to your case.

Economic damages include the actual financial losses that you suffered from the injury. To calculate these damages, we will look at your medical bills, repair costs, lost wages, and any other bills that you incurred from your injury or property damage as a direct result of the accident. This ensures that the financial compensation that you receive completely covers the bills that you have from the damage caused.

Noneconomic damages are a little bit more complicated. These damages take into account the emotional toll that these injuries and property damage have had on you and place a monetary value on them. While you may be in physical pain from your injuries, you may also be suffering from emotional pain that keeps you from enjoying life as you did before your accident. Some noneconomic damages you can recover are pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, mental anguish, and loss of consortium.

You might be reflecting on your accident and thinking about the damages you suffered, but you’re not sure which category they fall under. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that when you speak with a Dayton personal injury lawyer from Bey & Associates, LLC. We will investigate your claim and take all of the information you give us about your claim to figure out which damages you can recover in your case and how much a fair settlement would be for you.

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In western Ohio, Dayton is a city with plenty to offer its residents and visitors. As the fourth largest metropolitan area in Ohio, the city of Dayton has many restaurants, parks, museums, universities, and other attractions that provide people with reasons to come for a short time or build a life here. On top of recreation, there are many growing industries in Dayton, including aerospace, human sciences and healthcare, information technology, advanced materials and manufacturing, and water.

Dayton has a campus called Tech Town, where businesses use the space to interact with other tech businesses to share ideas and partner with each other to make advances in technology. Tech Town is growing in size and importance, not only in our city, but also in the world. These developers are making strides to improving all aspects of technology right here in our backyard.

Other than industry, Dayton is also a historic area worth visiting. As the location of the Air Force Museum, Wright Brothers Memorial, and the National Aviation Hall of Fame, it’s easy to see the historical significance of the city. Dayton was also the birthplace of both Orville Wright from the famous Wright Brothers and Paul Laurence-Dunbar, the first African-American poet to gain international recognition.

Bey & Associates, LLC Can Help You With Your Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury claims can be complex. You might feel intimidated by who you’re going up against, like you don’t have the time, or like you can’t handle a legal case on top of healing from your injuries. That’s why you should hire a Dayton personal injury lawyer to tackle your case—we can handle the legal work for you while you focus on your physical and emotional recovery.

At Bey & Associates, LLC, our number one goal is to help people who have been injured by the actions or inactions of others. We are experienced in many different types of personal injury cases, so we know exactly how to provide you with the legal help you need. If you have questions about your potential case or how we can help, reach out to our office today.

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