Common Summer Work Place Injuries in Georgia

Every single summer, thousands of outdoor laborers in Atlanta, Georgia suffer from work-related injuries or death due to extreme weather. Summer is here, and warm weather means work is now able to be completed outdoors. Although summer is a relatively peaceful season, the sun can also pose a threat to many workers in career fields such as agriculture and construction. Many of these jobs require workers to spend hours sweltering in the hot sun, and this can be extremely dangerous when proper precautions are not taken.

The hazardous elements of summer are often overlooked in comparison to winter, but more workplace accidents and fatalities occur during the summer season.  Heat illnesses and other forms of negligence contributes to these on the job accidentsand injuries, and listed below are the four most common types.

Dehydration & Hyperthermia:

  • The human body can dehydrate and overheat in a surprisingly short amount of time. When completing manual labor outside on sweltering days, the body has the potential to overheat to the point that it can not cool back down. This can result in severe medical conditions like heat stroke or hyperthermia, which can ultimately lead to organ failure and loss of consciousness. Laborers should keep hydrated and be permitted to take breaks often to cool down.

Trips & Falls:

  • Injuries that result from slipping tripping and falling can result in broken bones and head trauma. Construction workers are often the most common victims of trips and falls because of the hazards on construction sites. Slippery work areas are responsible for many falls in construction sites, and tripping over objects or debris is also very common. It is important for workers to be mindful of their surroundings and be aware of where they put things down so they can help to prevent others from falling.

Sun Burns & Skin Cancer:

  • Working outside in the sun all day can lead to unhealthy sun exposure on the skin. Workers usually do not wear protective clothing due to the extreme heat, so they have nothing to protect their skin from the sun’s harmful rays. More often then not, this results in sunburns and poisoning, which can lead to cancer. It is important for workers to apply sunscreen continually to help reduce the amount of exposure to the skin.

Motor Vehicle & Machinery Accidents:

  • Road construction seems never ending during the summer months because it may be the only season workers can repair roads. Motorists should use extreme caution when driving through a construction area, so they do not cause an accident and hit a worker. Laborers also tend to receive injuries from the machinery they are required to use. Improper training or not the following protocol can result in injuries, or even death, because of the large size and heavy weight of most of the equipment.

If you are currently suffering from a work-related injury in Atlanta, Georgia that could have been prevented with due diligence, then it is critical to have your job accident injury case evaluated by a workers’ compensation lawyer.

If any of the scenarios listed below apply to your case, we recommend hiring a work injury attorney to obtain your fair settlement.

  • Your work-related injury is so severe that you are physically unable to resume your position at work permanently or temporarily
  • Your employer is attempting to deny your claim or is trying to cover it up
  • Your injury, or injuries, require surgery, reoccurring doctor visits and hospital stays that result in a copious amount of medical bills
  • Your settlement does not cover all of your medical expenses and lost wages

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