Common Types of Nursing Home Abuse

When someone you love is living in a nursing home, it is assumed that they are properly cared for. However, they may not be receiving the high level of care that they deserve. The sad reality is, Nursing Home Abuse is all too prevalent in today’s society.

There are a few different ways for an elderly person to be abused or neglected at a nursing home facility. Some of the most common forms of Nursing Home Abuse include:

Physical Abuse

This form of abuse is typically the most easily recognizable among nursing home residents. This is because of the obvious physical signs a resident may suffer or exhibit. Some common forms of physical abuse include:

  • Slapping
  • Kicking
  • Punching
  • Unnecessary use of restraints (straps or chains)

Any intentional infliction of physical harm that results in physical pain, bodily injury, or impairment may be considered physical abuse.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is not as easy to recognize but does not make a lesser form of abuse. If an employee is deliberately causing fear, anguish, or anxiety to your loved one, immediate action needs to be taken. Any verbal communication that is intentionally being used to cause
e the elderly person unnecessary emotional pain can be considered abuse. Emotional abuse is just as serious as physical violence and can often lead to physical ailments at a direct result.

Financial Abuse

Many elderly people are susceptible to financial abuse and exploitation. An elderly resident who has poor eyesight, failing mental capacity, or relies on others for basic tasks will be more likely to be financially abused. Some of the most common ways for this to happen include:

  1. Health Care Fraud
  2. Scams
  3. Bank Account and Credit Card Theft

The caregivers in nursing homes often have access to the elderly’s bank account information. This may lead to intentional financial abuse. Any improper use or theft of an elderly person’s money or property is considered financial exploitation.

Sexual Abuse

As much as we would like to believe this is not true, many nursing home residents become the victims of sexual violation.

Sexual abuse is not limited to physical contact; it can also be verbal communications or other acts that may involve forcing the elderly to watch pornographic material, taking pictures without permission, forcing them to undress in front of other staff, or making them watch sex acts performed by their caretakers.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney for Legal Help

If you believe that someone you love is being abused in their nursing home in any of the above mention ways, do not hesitate for one minute to contact an experienced Georgia Personal Injury lawyer to help to file a lawsuit against the parties involved.

When someone you love is being neglected or abused in their nursing home, the place they are supposed to be cared for, it can be devastating and anger provoking. You should not have to deal with the legal ramifications alone.

Bey & Associates has a legal team of Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys who have many years handling these types of cases. We will help your loved one receive the compensation they deserve for being abused.

Contact us today for a Free case Evaluation with one of our Georgia Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys!

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