Debunking 5 Personal Injury Misconceptions and Myths

When a negligent party is responsible for injuring you in an accident, you might be considering taking legal action in the form of a personal injury claim. A legal claim could help you recover financial compensation for the damages they caused you, like medical bills, lost wages, and costs for pain and suffering. However, you might be hesitant to take action because of some misconceptions and myths that circulate around personal injury claims.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer can help you demystify the process of filing a claim and ensure that you have the strongest case possible. At Bey & Associates, our Cincinnati personal injury attorneys have experience with answer clients’ questions and making sure they understand the process fully. Whether it’s a car accident, medical malpractice, slip and fall, or any other kind of accident, we can help you.

Let’s look at five personal injury misconceptions and myths that you might have concerns about and debunk them so that you can feel confident in your case.

  1. I Don’t Have the Money to Get Legal Help

Many people think that they need money up front in order to get experienced legal help in their personal injury claim, but that’s not true. Law firms know that you’re seeking legal help because you need to recover financially from an accident that caused you to suffer from many costs. That’s why many offices will offer free consultations.

At Bey & Associates, we understand that you’re coming to us because you’re struggling to pay your medical bills as well as regular bills because of the accident. We offer free consultations so that you don’t have to worry about initial costs of seeking legal help. From there, we’re transparent about our fees and can discuss that with you more extensively.

  1. I Can Trust the Insurance Company to Cover My Damages

Depending on who was at fault for the accident that caused you injuries and subsequent damages, you might trust that your own insurance policy or the at fault party’s insurance will fully cover the costs that you incurred. Unfortunately, that’s not typically the case. Insurance companies are usually looking out for their own bottom lines and will try to offer you as little as possible.

Because of this, you can’t trust the insurance company to offer you full and fair compensation on your own. You might not know their tactics, but a personal injury lawyer has experience dealing with insurance companies and can help you get the settlement that you deserve.

  1. There’s No Time Limit for Filing a Claim

You might be waiting to file a personal injury claim because you believe you have an infinite amount of time to take legal action against the negligent party, but that’s not true. Each state has its own statute of limitations for personal injury claims which set a time limit for how long you have to file.

In Ohio, our state code allows two years from the date that the injury happens. This means that if you try to file a claim two years after your injury occurred, then you likely will be rejected.

  1. It’s Unlikely to Settle Out of Court

When you think of a personal injury claim, you probably think about trials and courtrooms. But realistically, most personal injury claims never see the inside of a courtroom because they settle without a trial. Of course, some end up needing to go to trial, but most can reach a full and fair settlement.

  1. Filing a Claim Isn’t Worth the Stress

It’s understandable why you’d think that filing a personal injury claim is too much stress and not worth all the time and effort for what you’d get in return, but that isn’t necessarily true. While a case could cause you stress, when you have a personal injury attorney to support you, you won’t have to worry about the legal side of things.

Once you provide your lawyer with all of the documentation, evidence, and any statements that you have, there’s likely not much else they’ll need you to do. Then you can focus on healing. So really, filing a claim can relieve a lot of your stress.

Bey & Associates Will Support You

After suffering an injury in Cincinnati that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you can trust one of the experienced lawyers at Bey & Associates to get you the justice that you deserve. Our personal injury lawyers are prepared to fight for you against the other party so that you can get full and fair compensation for your damages. Reach out to our office today for a free consultation so we can discuss your legal options and answer any questions that you have.

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