Georgia’s U-Turn Laws

U-turns may not be the most common driving maneuver—you don’t learn it for your driver’s test. When you have to pull a U-turn, you may not know that it’s probably more difficult than you expected. You need to be attentive of how traffic is flowing in both directions and if you have enough space and time to safely make the turn.

While there are clear rules in Georgia that define what makes a U-turn illegal or legal, not everyone may know where and when they can make a U-turn. It’s important to know which maneuvers are legal not only to follow traffic laws, but to increase road safety.

If you’ve been injured because of someone making a U-turn, you can seek legal aid. An Atlanta car accident lawyer from Bey & Associates will fight for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve. We’ve proudly helped Georgia citizens get justice for years and have the experience and skill in these types of cases. Your attorney will work tirelessly to get you a favorable settlement.

What Are Georgia’s U-Turn Laws?

Georgia’s U-turn laws state when and where you can make a U-turn. In some areas, it’s clearly marked by signs that U-turns cannot be done there. Pay close attention to traffic signs so you know if you’re in one of these areas.

U-turns aren’t made illegal for arbitrary reasons. They’re a major safety concern. When there are places that you cannot make a U-turn, there’s also a reason why that maneuver is illegal.

For instance, if you’re driving in an area that restricts visibility, you cannot make a U-turn. Areas like this are turns, curves, the tops of hills—anywhere that another driver won’t be able to see you making a U-turn and you won’t be able to see them approaching.

U-turns that are unsafe or will block oncoming traffic are illegal. Drivers have to be aware of traffic flow and what direction cars will be going or turning. A U-turn here would cause a major traffic disruption and could potentially cause more than one car accident. If drivers make U-turns in these areas and cause an accident, they will be at fault.

If you find that you’ve missed a turn or are going in the wrong direction, your first instinct may tell you to pull a U-turn and start over. However, if you’re unable to do that because it would be unsafe, you’re not completely out of luck. Look for exits you can pull off and get on a road that will take you to where you need to go. It may take longer, but it’s legal and much safer.

Georgia Is an At-Fault State

When it comes to car accidents, Georgia is an at-fault state. This means that the person who caused the car accident has to pay the damages. A person making an illegal U-turn would be at fault if they got in a car accident while turning.

Georgia requires drivers to have car insurance that covers:

  • Bodily Injury. The minimum is $25,000 per person and $50,000 per occurrence.
  • Property Damage. The minimum amount is $25,000.
  • Uninsured Motorist. Drivers should also have a policy that covers uninsured motorists. Some drivers don’t follow the law and don’t have insurance to pay for an accident. In these situations, uninsured motorist coverage can help.

Car accidents that occur because of an illegal U-turn can be tricky because the other party may claim their U-turn wasn’t illegal. It’s best to have a reliable car accident lawyer at your side. They will help find who was at fault and proceed with your claim to seek damages.

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