Why to Hire a Workers Compensation Case Attorney in Georgia

If you were recently injured at work, in Georgia, then you are probably considering the benefits of hiring a workers’ compensation attorney. Whether or not hiring a workers’ compensation attorney is right for your particular case depends on the severity of the injury you acquired at work as well as the complexity of your specific case.

The intricacy of your case is determined by many outside factors, including, but not limited to, the type of injury that was sustained. These are some common examples of complex cases in Atlanta, to help you decide if hiring a workers’ compensation attorney is right for you.

It is usually necessary for a person to hire a work injury attorney if,

  • An injury is severe enough that you are unable to return to work temporarily or permanently
  • Your employer is disputing your claim or trying to cover it up
  • An injury requires surgery, reoccurring doctor visits, or hospital stays resulting in copious medical bills
  • Your employer denies the injury claim and/or medical bills
  • The settlement offered does not cover all your medical expenses and lost wages

If any of these instances apply to your case, or if the workers’ compensation process confuses you in any way, it is probably smart to hire an attorney to protect your rights and obtain your deserved settlement.

Georgia workers’ compensation cases are very difficult to win because employers and insurance companies have highly trained and powerful attorneys working for them. Thus, if you are doubting your ability to handle your workers’ compensation case alone, hiring an experienced and aggressive attorney will be beneficial for you and your workers’ compensation case.

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