How Stores and Restaurants Can Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

Owners of businesses want to provide a safe environment where their customers can enjoy what they have to offer—whether that’s food or selling goods like clothes. Customers also want to know that they’re in a safe place that’s taken care of. Unfortunately, negligence can lead to serious injuries. When a careless owner allows their place of business to become hazardous, customers can get hurt. In these situations, they can file a claim with the help of an Atlanta slip and fall lawyer from Bey & Associates.

While the owner didn’t want the accident to happen, they still need to take responsibility for their actions. However, they’ll probably want to avoid situations like this in the future. There are several ways that store and restaurant safety can be improved, making it a better environment for employees and customers. Everyone can be more at ease knowing that their safety is being prioritized and their chances of getting a terrible injury are lowered. Let’s take a look at the changes places of business can make to prevent slip and fall accidents.

What Can Stores and Restaurants Do to Improve Safety?

Slip and fall accidents happen when there’s something on the floor that makes it unstable, uneven, or otherwise unable to walk on.

It’s important that you keep the floors dry. When the weather is poor, people walking in could track in rain or melted snow. It often makes entryways slippery. A simple mat where people can dry their shoes could help soak up some of the liquid and they can walk safely.

You also may be in an environment where spills are common, like a restaurant. Customers could spill drinks and employees can cause spills in the kitchen. These spills should be addressed as quickly as possible and not ignored. However, there are times where these places of business are extremely busy and may not be able to clean up the spill immediately. A simple sign cautioning customers of a slippery floor will let them know to walk carefully and potentially prevent a slip and fall.

Employees should have education on safe shoes to wear in the kitchen that will help them grip the floor and not make them lose their balance. The owner may even look into placing mats in the kitchen, which won’t be as slippery in case something does spill on the floor. Employees will have an easier time navigating the kitchen and there’s a less chance of someone getting hurt.

Clutter is another main perpetrator when it comes to falls. If the floor isn’t clear, then objects can catch a person’s foot as they walk by and make them fall. Stores should make sure that there isn’t anything blocking the main pathways. Merchandise and other goods shouldn’t be spilling into where the customers will be walking. There’s also the matter of electrical cords. These need to be secure and against the wall, where they can’t become tripping hazards.

They can also make sure there aren’t any holes in rugs or unstable areas in the floor. If these places are found, then they need to be fixed. While businesses may not be able to address these problems the moment they are discovered, they can block off dangerous areas so customers know that it isn’t safe.

When places of business aim to improve their safety, they also are making people more aware of the dangers of slip and fall hazards. This could lead to managers or supervisors handling the hazards more quickly or also result in customers informing staff of potential slip and fall issues.

Bey & Associates Can Handle Your Slip and Fall Case

While you may be more educated on slip and falls, this doesn’t’ mean that every business will be the same. If you have been injured, you may be dealing with painful injuries and you aren’t sure what to do next. Having a lawyer at your side will help you protect your rights.

Bey & Associates has years of experience in slip and fall accidents and we want you to understand that you don’t have to go through this alone. There are people who can help you get the justice you deserve. When we look at your case, we’ll find out how the accident happened and why. The negligent person or business needs to be held accountable for their actions and you deserve compensation. To get started on your case, give us a call today for a free consultation.

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