Georgia’s Statute of Limitations: Timing Your Car Accident Claim in Atlanta

Car accidents are common in Georgia. If you reside in Atlanta, you should be familiar with the statute of limitations in your state to file for damage claims at the right time. Failing to do so can impact your damage recovery status. Before you hire an Atlanta car accident lawyer to start legal proceedings, knowing the key points regarding Georgia’s statute of limitations is important. This article will walk you through all the details you need in this regard.

Understanding Georgia’s Statute of Limitations

Many local residents fail to receive the rightful compensation after car accidents due to a lack of knowledge about Georgia’s statute of limitations. The following factors can help you thoroughly understand all the factors.

General Time Limit

The general time limit to file for personal injury claims in Georgia for car and truck accidents is two years. This time starts from the day the accident occurs. If you incurred property damage or personal injuries, you can seek help from an Atlanta car accident lawyer to file for recoveries within this timeframe.

Date of Discovery

Despite the ruling for the two-year period to start from the day of the accident, there is an exception regarding the date of discovery. If the injuries or damages resulting from the accident were not identified or discovered immediately, the clock may start from the date of discovering those impacts.

Minor Injuries

The statute of limitations (legal timeframe for filing claims) applies to personal injury cases in Georgia regardless of the injury’s extent. Even the most minor injury can be claimed for up to two years. While valid, seeking medical attention immediately after the accident is important. When caught in a car accident, you may call emergency services immediately to get the injuries treated and documented for evidence.

Wrongful Death Claims

Some car accidents can lead to fatalities. In such cases, the statute of limitations in Georgia remains the same (two years). You can file for wrongful death claims with the help of a lawyer in Atlanta within the designated timeframe to receive the rightful compensation.

Insurance Claims

While the statute of limitations governs the time frame for filing a lawsuit, it’s essential to note that insurance claims should be initiated promptly after the accident. Reporting the incident to your insurance company and the at-fault party’s insurer should occur as soon as possible.

Exceptions and Extensions

In certain cases, exceptions and time extensions may apply to your case. However, you may consult an attorney to learn more about such scenarios and get the best representation at the right time. An expert legal time can guide you on the dos and don’ts of filing injury claims to maximize financial compensation.

Seek Legal Help From an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

The above information highlights all the factors you need to remember regarding Georgia’s statute of limitations. If you need legal advice, Bey & Associates may be able to help. Contact us today to discuss your car accident case and seek the best representation.

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