The Most Motorcycle-Friendly Roads in Georgia

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Many motorcyclists enjoy riding for fun. They don’t have a destination in mind because they’re focused on the journey. Georgia is a beautiful state for riding and offers many routes that motorcyclists can take for a long time. However, they need to be careful. While they may practice safe driving behaviors, it doesn’t mean that other drivers will. A motorcycle wreck can result in devastating injuries.

When motorcycle safety is at the forefront of your mind, you’re decreasing your chances of getting into an accident. Let’s take a look at how you can do this when planning your next ride.

Georgia’s Motorcycle Friendly Roads

While regular highways and interstates are typically kept smooth and ready for all vehicles, motorcyclists should do some additional research when they’re planning on getting their bikes out. When considering what makes a road friendly for motorcycles, there are a few factors to remember. The first two deal with practical matters—think about road safety and resources along the way.

Motorcyclists need to be aware of more than the other vehicles around them. They need to look at road conditions, the shape of the road, and factor in the speed they’re traveling. Road conditions go beyond weather. For a motorcyclist, a slight flaw in the road could make them lose their balance, which can lead to a terrible accident. Possible road defects can include:

  • Potholes
  • Grooves
  • Loose gravel
  • Uneven pavement
  • Easily flooded

A poor road for motorcycling can also be one that’s full of blind turns, sharp curves, or not have shoulder space in case someone needs to pull off the road. While more experienced motorcyclists may be able to handle these kinds of roads, beginner bikers may not have encountered these conditions before and may not know how to drive through them safely.

Motorcyclists may also check that their route has amenities, in case they need to stop, get something to eat, or get fuel for their vehicle. If their route doesn’t have these, then it’s better to know beforehand so they can plan ahead instead of realizing they’re far away from stores while they’re riding.

Then, there’s the non-essential but still important factor of sightseeing. If you’re going for a ride, you want to be able to enjoy the scenery. Georgia offers plenty of gorgeous routes for motorcyclists, let’s take a look at some of them:

One is called Georgia’s Dragon or The Suches Loop. The route begins in Dahlonega on Route 60. When the route splits, turn left. This will take you toward Suches. Stay on this road until you turn right on Route 180. This will take you to US Highway 129/19, which you turn right on and it will take you back to Dahlonega. The road can be challenging as it contains some blind turns and tricky road surfaces. There are amenities along this route. The Suches Loop also goes through the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Chattahoochee National Forest, so it’s perfect for a ride.

Another ride to consider is Darien to Cumberland Island. Starting in Darien, motorcyclists will take US Highway 17 and travel south. It will take you to Kingsland, Georgia. Then, head east on Route 40 to St. Marys, which is the location of the Cumberland Island visitor center.

This is mostly highway travel, so the roads are in relatively good condition. While this ride does take you through the country, there are towns with amenities should you need them. Know that there’s a ferry to get to the island, so checking when that departs before you leave will be important if you want to visit the island. The scenery is full of marshland and rivers and the destination is a barrier island, which has forests and undeveloped beaches, which nature lovers can appreciate.

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