Truck Driver Indicted for Crash Killing 5 Women

Commercial truck accidents are extremely dangerous due to the large size and heavy weight of tractor trailers.

Many people remember the fatal accident in which truck driver, John Wayne Johnson, crashed into a car carrying five Georgia nursing students, killing them all. Well, just last week, a grand jury indicted the commercial truck driver and his employer, Total Transportation, for the fatal and fiery interstate wreck. In April of last year, a tractor-trailer driver, John Wayne Johnson, caused a fiery interstate truck crash that killed five Georgia Southern University nursing students. His big-rig was traveling in stop and go traffic on Interstate 16 when he crashed into the girls car.

The traffic accident happened around six a.m. and Johnson said he had his cruise control set at 68 miles per hour. He also stated that his commercial truck was equipped with collision warning technology that would beep if he became too close to other vehicles. Unfortunately, it did not help in this case because he said he never heard it go off. Johnson walked away from the incident unscathed.

Legal depositions revealed that Johnson’s employer, Total Transportation, had hired Johnson despite knowing he had been fired from his last job for falling asleep at the wheel. Johnson insisted that he was fully awake and falling asleep while driving was not the cause of this accident as well. Johnson did, however, acknowledge under oath, that the fatal Interstate 16 wreck was his fault.

What Were The Charges?

 John Wayne Johnson was indicted on nine counts total, including;
  • 5 Counts of Homicide by Vehicle in the First Degree
  • 1 Count Serious Injury by Vehicle
  • 1 Count of Reckless Driving
  • 1 Count of Failure to Exercise Due Care
  • 1 Count of Following Too Closely
Total Transportation was indicted on seven counts total, including;
  • 5 Counts of Homicide by Vehicle in the First Degree
  • 1 Count Serious Injury by Vehicle in the First Degree
  • 1 Count of Criminal Responsibility of Corporations

Note, vehicular homicide charges in the first degree can carry a penalty of up to 15 years in prison for each count.

Also, one of the victim’s families attorneys stated that the Pittman family alone would receive a 14 million dollar settlement with Total Transportation.

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