What to Do at the Scene of a Car Accident in Ohio

After a car accident occurs in Ohio, you may not have any idea of what to do or how to proceed. Your actions immediately after the incident could potentially mean the difference between life and death if someone is badly hurt. It’s important to know what to do after an auto wreck so you can make sure that you’re doing what needs to happen and getting people the help they need. Here are some pointers depending on the situation you’re in:

If You Were Involved in the Accident

The first thing to do after an accident is to remain calm. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. The shock of the accident or not knowing what to do next may make you want to panic, but this will not help your situation. So, take a few calming breaths and then get ready for the matter at hand.

After assessing yourself for injuries, you should contact authorities and EMTs. The police will be able to make a report and professionals will be able to evaluate you or the other people involved in the accident for injuries. Even minor car wrecks can cause injuries. They will be able to take a look at you and advise you on how to proceed with care. It may be a follow up with another doctor as soon as you can get to them. They may also give advice for any pain you’re experiencing at the moment.

You may not think that you need emergency services, but do not base this off the fact that you feel fine. Your body is full of adrenaline and other responses to shock and extreme stress. These hormones could easily mask symptom injuries. So you may think that nothing is wrong , but then find that days or weeks later that you aren’t 100 percent and you do need to see a doctor.

When you’ve contacted the right parties, then you should try to move your vehicle out of traffic if you can. Car accidents tend to cause a lot of traffic, whether it’s from a busy two lane highway being reduced to one or from people rubbernecking or gawking out of their car windows. However, if it’s unsafe for you to move or your vehicle can’t move, then you should stay put.

If there is any kind of smoking vehicle, do not try to move it or put out the smoke. Get back as far away as you can and wait for emergency personnel to arrive. When a vehicle is smoking, there’s a chance of a fire. Some of the chemicals are combustible, which could project the flames outward and put people near them at risk of severe burn injuries.

If You Saw the Accident

Seeing a car wreck happen is a terrible experience. However, you can provide essential help to authorities and help the innocent party get the justice they deserve. If you saw an accident, pull over. The people involved in the accident may need help. It may be on you to call emergency services and offer any immediate help you can to those who were involved.

When the police arrive, they will likely address the people who were involved in the accident first. However, they’re aware that they’re taking accounts of people with inherent biases as to who was most likely at fault. You can say that you saw the accident and tell them what happened to the best of your ability. It’s imperative that you only report facts. Don’t try to fill in details or make anything up just to have a complete account. If there are things you missed, then that’s okay. But the details that you do remember could potentially give insight as to who the responsible party is.

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