What to Do If Your Personal Injury Insurance Claim Is Denied

While suffering a personal injury in Atlanta can be a traumatic experience, having your personal injury insurance claim denied can add to your stress and financial burdens. Personal injury insurance claims get denied for various reasons, including your inability to prove that a third party’s neglect caused your injuries.

Although denied personal injury insurance claims can be frustrating, the top personal injury lawyer in Atlanta advises against giving up. This article will explore what to do when your personal injury insurance claim gets denied.

What to Do if Your Personal Injury Insurance Claim Is Denied?

Understand Why Your Personal Injury Insurance Claim Was Denied

Instead of stressing out yourself, the proactive approach to dealing with a denied personal injury insurance claim is understanding why it was denied. Insurance companies will typically offer you an in-depth explanation of the reasons behind the denial.

Once you know why your personal injury insurance claim was denied, you can work with your personal injury lawyer in Atlanta to address the issues within your claim and get it approved. Below are some common reasons why a personal injury claim may get denied:

Lack of Liability

Lack of Liability is among the top disputes insurance companies put forward in personal injury cases. The insurance company may claim the insured party is not liable for the injury. This often occurs due to factors like lack of evidence and conflicting accounts of the incident.

Insufficient Medical Documents

All insurance providers will require you to submit comprehensive medical reports to investigate your personal injury claims. Your claim can be denied if your records are insufficient or incomplete.

Pre-existing Health Conditions

If you have existing conditions that might put you at a higher risk of injury, it may be a good reason for the insurer to claim that the injuries were pre-existing and did not occur due to the accident. In such scenarios where your injuries have a steady onset or are not immediately visible, it may be difficult for you to secure a claim.

Consult Your Lawyer

Since personal injury lawyers have extensive training and experience dealing with similar situations, your personal injury lawyer will offer valuable advice on the next course of action. Therefore, it is best to consult your lawyer about what to do next and how to strengthen your case.

Gather More Evidence

If your lawyer thinks an appeal will be in your favor, they may work with you to gather further evidence to strengthen your case. This includes collecting more medical documentation, accident reconstructions, or witness testimonials.

Negotiate for a Settlement

Sometimes, negotiation denials can lead to settlement discussions. In such cases, your lawyer will converse with the responsible party’s legal advisors and arrange for you to negotiate a settlement. The risk of litigation can prompt third parties to offer a fair settlement.

Get Your Claim Approved with Assistance from an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlanta

Dealing with a denied personal injury insurance claim in Atlanta can be a dreadful experience. However, we recommend seeking assistance from an experienced personal injury lawyer at Bey & Associates. We are here to help you navigate even the most complex personal injury claims and secure the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to learn more.

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