Why Is an Accurate Police Report Important to a Successful Settlement?

After a car accident, there are a few things you’re supposed to do. Immediately after the crash you need to assess if you need medical attention and if anyone else involved in the crash needs it, too. If you are able, you should call 911. But if you and the other party are both able to have a conversation, you need to exchange your names, car information, and policy numbers. Then you can move on to make your claim. You’ll want a lawyer to protect your rights. An Atlanta car accident lawyer from Bey & Associates will fight to get you the compensation you need.

What Do Police Reports Add to Your Claim?

When it’s time to file your claim, you will probably expect the other driver to stick to the truth. But this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, drivers may be scared of taking full responsibility for the accident even though it was entirely their fault. This can prompt them to lie, change details, or make up details that they don’t remember. In a car accident claim, a wrong detail could make it seem like you were partially at fault for the accident and won’t be able to get full compensation.

An accurate police report can help make sure the true story prevails. They are a third-party to the accident, so there won’t be any bias in their report. When they assess the scene, they may be able to piece together what happened. When you’re talking to the police, it’s important to stick to the facts that you know. Guessing or filling in details could get you in trouble later because it negates another part of the story or doesn’t make sense. In any case, it makes you seem less credible and that could negatively affect your car accident claim.

Police will also speak to nearby eyewitnesses and get their stories as well. They’re also an outside party that can attest to what happened. With these details in the report, you will have more proof that your side of the story is true.

But you won’t rely solely on the police report. Your car accident attorney will also investigate the scene. They’ll do the following:

  • Take photographs of the damage and look into what the cause of the accident was.
  • Speak to eyewitnesses and get their stories as well.
  • Assess your injuries and how the crash has affected your life. This can include what your injuries have cost, how much work you’ve missed, and how long it will take until you’re healed.

These factors all work into the total of your compensation. It can be complicated to figure out, but the lawyers at Bey & Associates are experienced in car accident cases and are ready to do the work to get you a fair settlement.

The Importance of Police Report Quality

An accurate police report can provide the details that help your case. However, a sloppy or abrupt report may not have enough details to help your case.

One thing you can do is provide the truth and be as accurate as possible. It’s also important to remember to be calm. The police had nothing to do with the accident and are trying to do their jobs when they’re speaking with you and asking you questions. Traffic collision reports usually have a lot of information to take down, so the person taking your statement will know they have a lot of work ahead of them.

If you’re spending your time being uncooperative or fighting with the other party, the police may be more short with you and just want to get the facts and get out. If you approach this evenly and remain polite, you may be able to speak more about what happened and how you were affected by it.

Get Help from a Car Accident Lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia

Car accidents are a traumatic experience that can leave you with serious injuries that can take months to heal. When you’ve been hit by a negligent driver, you don’t deserve to bear the financial burden of their mistake on your own. The Atlanta personal injury attorneys at Bey & Associates have successfully settled many car accident claims in the past and are ready to help you. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at our Atlanta office. You can set up a consultation that’s free of charge and go over the points of your case with us.

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