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If you or a loved one was injured or has suffered due to an accident that was caused by the negligence of another human being, you may feel as though there is nothing you can do. We’re here to tell you differently. You may feel as though the U.S. justice system won’t have your back and that insurance corporations will never stop being relentless. We’re here to tell you that you can rest easy. With the assistance of the Atlanta personal injury lawyers at Bey & Associates, you can take legal action and fight back.

With our help, you can fight back against negligence, recklessness, and wrongful actions that were performed and resulted in injury. When a driver is careless behind the wheel and causes a wreck after failing to follow traffic rules, this is an act of negligence. When a medical technician fails to look at the correct test results and costs someone their life, this an act of negligence—and 100% preventable.

When a wrongful or negligent act is committed, U.S. citizens have a right to file what is known as a civil lawsuit against the guilty party. Whether you were injured by a drunk driver or had a family member harmed at the hands of a nursing home employee, you can file a civil claim against the group or individual at no cost to you upfront. This is the very essence of a personal injury case. This type of claim can also be filed in addition to any criminal charges that may already be in place.

A skilled and experienced personal injury lawyer can help a family receive the financial compensation they need to make it through a rough time and find the road to recovery. Additionally, lawsuits send powerful and impactful messages that cannot be ignored. Many of our national, state, and local policies, rules, and guidelines change for the better after citizens decide to take legal action into their own hands and seek out personal injury firms like ours.

Bey & Associates, LLC was founded by N. John Bey with one goal in mind: To help Georgia residents who have been injured by the actions or inactions of others. Our attorneys are equipped to handle a large variety of cases from car accident claims to complex slip and fall accident cases and claims for victims of spinal cord injuries. We fight to help others break the chains of negligence and strive to obtain justice for all our clients.

Bey and Associates were amazing! I had the priveledge to work with Michelle and she was nice and helpful. She helped us finally get our case settled after 2 years in a timely fashion. She also had great communication and never came off rude. I would definitely recommend them to others!
charmaine renteria
charmaine renteria
14:10 15 Sep 17
Truly a life saving experience from start to finish. I was without a doubt a priority. The entire team ensured that I received the attention, support and ultimately the compensation I was due for my loss. If your or anyone you care about is ever in need of legal representation, I highly recommend Bey & Associates!
Willie Buckley
Willie Buckley
20:23 13 Sep 17
Bey And Associates were extremely helpful from start to finish. They were there for me every step of the way within the process. They were able to ease my concerns and answer all questions to the highest level. Their professionalism and regiment response is greatly appreciated. Matt Mccaren was my direct contact and exemplified unrivaled work ethic to get things done. I am most appreciative of Bey And Associates and will recommend them to anyone who has gone through my type of situation.
Elliott Tennant II
Elliott Tennant II
17:08 08 Sep 17
I will always return to Bey & Associates they do a fantastic job always helpful and keep you informed through the process. 100 percent satisfied.
Maurice Aderhold
Maurice Aderhold
15:15 01 Sep 17
Bey and Associates handled my case with the highest degree of professionalism and transparency. My calls were always returned promptly and Matt took the time to explain every step of the process. When negotiations were necessary, Bey and Associates went the extra mile for me. I would recommend this firm, without reservation.
Tam J
Tam J
16:30 25 Aug 17
Bey and Associates is a very professional firm. They offered sound advice that resulted in the maximum settlement possible. I would highly recommend this firm.
Fay Graham
Fay Graham
13:53 24 Aug 17
I was in a terrible car crash back in December 2016. The other driver was at fault and did not have a license. My vehicle was damaged over 13K and I had to see a specialist for my back and neck pains. I was referred to Bey and Associates to represent me as I was informed that they specialize in these types of injury cases as well many others. The staff was very professional and kind to my needs. This process was very seamless and thorough. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who asks! I also received more than I was expecting! I am so grateful to them, now I can move on past this experience as I am truly satisfied with the results!
Andre Griffin
Andre Griffin
19:09 21 Aug 17
I am very happy with Bey & Associates. They helped me with two cases. Both cases were handled professionally and I won my cases. I would personally recommend Bey & Associates for anyone having legal trouble. Bey & Associates gets a five star rating from me.
Mike snow
Mike snow
18:38 18 Aug 17
Great Service hands down. I'm a returning customer. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Bey & Associates
Shaqunta Fulton
Shaqunta Fulton
15:17 10 Aug 17



The Bey & Associates legal team is comprised of personal injury experts and dedicated professionals who are trained to strategically fight large corporations in court. Whether your case involves a major Georgia hospital, a corporation-ran nursing home, a powerhouse insurance company, or the U.S. trucking industry, we make it our priority to investigate each case thoroughly and give it the time it deserves. We pride ourselves on taking cases other Atlanta law firms may be reluctant to handle.

To accomplish this goal, our lawyers have established themselves as respected trial attorneys who are not afraid to go to court to get their clients the compensation they deserve. We make it a goal for our clients to receive the maximum settlement amount allowed by law and will fight as aggressively as needed to reach that goal.

In the process of doing so, we don't stray from providing our clients with the individualized, quality client care they are entitled to. When you come to our family with your family’s case, we treat you and your loved ones with respect and dignity. We understand the fact that you’re struggling. If you weren’t struggling, you wouldn’t be here. We'll do whatever we can to ease those struggles while we process your injury claim and take the necessary steps towards obtaining justice for you and your loved ones.

Every professional on our team has a continuous desire to be the absolute best they can be. The fact that our team has recovered over 50 million dollars total for our clients is proof of this. Our law practice is driven by excellence and fueled by success. We're personal injury lawyers through and through—it's all we do. This gives us the freedom and competence to deliver our clients success time and time again.


If you can’t call us, fill out the form below. Our initial case evaluation is always free, no strings attached.

As a personal injury law firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, we believe in the power and potential of diversity. We call a diverse city with ever-changing opportunities home as well as boast a diverse team that isn’t afraid to be creative as we take on new, challenging personal injury cases. We’re lawyers, legal professionals, investigators, and medical experts. We do more than follow the dotted lines. We create new ones.

Every family and individual client we help has a unique case and diverse set of circumstances. If we approached every claim as though it were the same, we’d limit ourselves, our clients, and the future outcomes of every claim we handle. At Bey & Associates, we don’t believe in limits. Neither should you. If you’ve been in a life-altering accident that was no fault of your own, don’t feel limited by your situation. Get in touch. We can help your family move forward.

The team at Bey & Associates will provide you with frequent updates regarding your case. You won’t be left in the dark with more questions than answers.
When we take on your claim, we'll do whatever we can to reach the desired outcome. No case is too complex or difficult. We have the resources to fight—and win.
Your family deserves peace of mind. It's time to focus on the process of rebuilding and leave everything else to us. We can make sure the U.S. justice system is on your side.