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Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyers

If you or someone you love was injured in an incident or accident in Cincinnati that may have been caused by negligence, wrongful actions, or the reckless behavior of another, you may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit against the guilty individual or group. Doing so can give your family peace of mind. The experienced and compassionate Cincinnati personal injury lawyers at Bey & Associates, LLC can help make both possible.

Personal injury law encompasses any and every type of injury claim that can be filed during the aftermath of an accident or incident that shouldn’t have occurred. Before a claim is filed, you must ask yourself one question: “Could this have been prevented?” If the answer to that question is “Yes,” and injuries or suffering resulted, it may be possible to see your claim succeed in court.

If an incident could have been prevented and should have been prevented, it may be possible to prove that negligence happened. In other words, if someone should have acted yet didn’t, or took the wrong actions entirely, they may have been acting negligently or recklessly. When a drunk driver causes a car wreck, this is an example of negligence. Another example is when a hotel janitorial team fails to clean up a spill or place warning signs around a spill, thus causing someone to fall and injury themselves.

Our Ohio injury attorneys are happy to speak to you regarding your case for free and let you know if you have a potential claim. Filing a claim may let you and your loved ones receive financial compensation that can go towards recovery costs and more. This compensation can make it easier to get back on your feet again after a painful injury that could have been avoided.

Personal Injury Claims We Handle in Ohio

At Bey & Associates, our lawyers handle a wide variety of personal injury cases in Cincinnati including but not limited to:

If your potential case doesn’t fit into any of the above areas, we encourage you to get in touch with our law firm regardless. Our injury attorneys are comfortable handling a wide range of unique cases and will not hesitate to do whatever we can to help your family move forward during a difficult time.

Is Suing the Best Option for My Family?

Many individuals believe that filing an injury lawsuit is more trouble than it’s worth. While many personal injury claims are complex and require a great deal of legal expertise, a successful settlement can bring a family closure after a traumatic event and even make complete recovery a possibility for an injured victim and their loved ones.

The compensation received for a successful claim can be used for:

  • Continued care costs, including physical therapy
  • Surgical costs
  • Home care/modification costs
  • Other medical costs
  • Loss of wage costs
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering costs
  • Loss of companionship and comfort
  • More

In addition, filing an injury claim sends a message to the guilty driver, individual, company, or group that acted negligently. That message states that safety must be prioritized. All Americans have a legal right to file a civil lawsuit against an individual or group that fails to prioritize the health and safety of others when acting or making decisions. Civil lawsuits can be filed in addition to any criminal charges that may already be in place and oftentimes speak louder than words.

We’re Proud to Practice in Cincinnati

At Bey & Associates, LLC, we believe in helping those in need speak up against injustice. We believe in giving those who suffer from negligence a voice. To best accomplish these goals, we decided to open an office in Cincinnati, Ohio to help its residents just as we’ve helped Atlanta residents for years.

Cincinnati, one of the first founding American cities after the American Revolution, is a city rich in history and historic architecture. Cincinnati’s Music Hall and the Cincinnatian Hotel are two of the city’s most commemorated buildings. The city also boasts one of the nation’s most historical transportation museums, the Cincinnati Union Terminal.

Cincinnati rests along 22 miles of riverfront along the northern banks of the Ohio River. Numerous river embankments mark historical and architectural landmarks. The Queen City Square, opened in 2011, is the tallest building in Cincinnati and third tallest in Ohio. Avondale’s Cincinnati Zoo is the second oldest zoo in the U.S.

“Cincy” is home to the Cincinnati Reds, the oldest Major League baseball team. Throughout most of the 19th century, Cincinnati was listed among the top 10 U.S. cities by population. From the period of 1840 to 1860, it was the sixth-largest city in the nation, only surpassed by cities like New Orleans. In 2016, the city was named the “fastest growing economic power” in the Midwestern United States.

When choosing where to open our personal injury firm’s second practice, Cincinnati seemed the obvious choice. From everything to the city’s gorgeous buildings to its annual riverboat celebrations and racially-diverse history, Cincinnati is a place that thrives on forward momentum and forward progress—much like our practice.

A Team of Cincinnati Personal Injury Attorneys You Can Trust

Regardless of how complicated you feel your case may be, we encourage you to reach out to our law firm today. We’re happy to tell you the potential merit of your case at no charge to you, and we can pair you with a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer if you have any specific questions.

With over 30 years of combined legal experience and millions recovered for our clients, Bey & Associates, LLC is the team you can trust for your personal injury claim.

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