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How Can You Prevent Serious Injury During a Car Accident?

Published on Dec 27, 2018 at 1:59 pm in Car Accidents.

When a negligent driver is in your path, there’s not always a way to avoid an accident. This is evident from the thousands of crashes that occur every year on Ohio’s roads. While you may be unable to prevent the collision from happening, it’s important to know there are ways to prevent or reduce your risk of serious injury before, during, and after impact.

Precautions to Take Before Getting Behind the Wheel

While crashes and the related injuries aren’t always avoidable, there are steps you can take before driving away to reduce your risk of injury if you do find yourself to be the victim of a crash.

  • Wear Your Seatbelt. Seatbelts are designed to save lives and reduce the severity of injuries in the event of a wreck. Buckling up is one of the most important things you can do when entering any vehicle. It’s also important to ensure your passengers are properly restrained. Young occupants should have the right safety restraint system for their age and size.
  • Sit Up Properly. A vehicle’s airbags and seatbelts work best when you are sitting properly. As the driver, you should be sitting up straight, have both your hands on the wheel, and be a safe, comfortable distance away from the steering wheel. Passengers should never have their feet on the dashboard and should also remain in an upright position.
  • Store Items Safely. You most likely have a number of loose objects in your car, like your cell phone or water bottle. To avoid these objects becoming airborne during a collision and causing injuries, make sure they are secured properly.

How to Prevent Pressure Sores in Nursing Home Residents

Published on Dec 20, 2018 at 2:22 pm in Nursing Home Abuse.

While we expect our loved ones to receive the best care in their nursing home facility, this is not always the case. When neglect or abuse is present, the consequences can be severe and even deadly. One of the more common results of neglect is pressure sores. These develop when there is too much pressure on the skin. Discomfort, pain, and infection can quickly set in.

If you have a loved one in a long-term care facility, it’s a good idea to evaluate their health and wellbeing every time you visit them. If you are able to understand the causes and consequences of pressure sores, you’ll be able to assist in the prevention of them.

Can I Sue a Mental Health Professional for Malpractice?

Published on Nov 8, 2018 at 5:58 pm in Medical Malpractice.

Deciding to seek the help of a mental health professional can be difficult; however, it generally works out for the best. The psychiatrist-patient relationship is one of the most personal relationships in the healthcare field. With the proper guidance and self-realization, patients are able to learn to cope with whatever they’re dealing with, so they can live their most fulfilling lives.

In some cases, however, errors in treatment can occur that have significant consequences. That’s where our Atlanta medical malpractice lawyers come in. When a mental health professional breaches their duty to a patient and the patient suffers, that victim has the right to file a malpractice suit in an attempt to recover compensation for the damages associated with the malpractice. These lawsuits can be incredibly complex, which is why you’ll need a dedicated legal team behind you.

How Does Informed Consent Apply to Malpractice Claims?

Published on Nov 1, 2018 at 5:14 pm in Medical Malpractice.

Deciding to have a procedure can be a nerve-wracking thing. Many people are nervous about surgeries, but when they decide to have or not have one, they are supposed to have all the relevant facts about the procedure. A physician is supposed to get informed consent from their patients before they have a surgical procedure or treatment. Any injuries or complications that arise during a procedure where the patient didn’t give informed consent may be grounds for a claim. An Atlanta medical malpractice lawyer from Bey & Associates can help you get the compensation you deserve.

How to Handle Long-Lasting Car Accident Injuries

Published on Oct 25, 2018 at 3:31 pm in Car Accidents.

The physical and psychological trauma a car accident victim experiences can last a significant period of time, especially if the bodily injuries are severe. As a result, many victims may need to take long periods of time off work. Medical expenses can quickly pile up and devastate a family financially. If you’ve suffered because of another driver’s negligence, you may be eligible for more compensation from your insurance company than you realize. Our Cincinnati car accidents lawyers are prepared to get it for you.