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Child Dog Bite Victim In McDonough Park

Dog Bite Injuries can be some of the most gruesome personal injuries especially in children. If your child is the...
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2.2 Million Dollar Settlement for Stone Mountain Car Accident Victim

Car accidents are never expected and the long-term, and potentially life-threatening, injuries can be devastating to the victim and their...
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Common Summer Work Place Injuries in Georgia

Every single summer, thousands of outdoor laborers in Atlanta, Georgia suffer from work-related injuries or death due to extreme weather. Summer is...
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Why to Hire a Workers Compensation Case Attorney in Georgia

If you were recently injured at work, in Georgia, then you are probably considering the benefits of hiring a workers’...
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5 Tips After Being In A Car Accident

Nobody is really prepared for a Car Accident to take place; they are unexpected and stressful events. You could be...
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