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Cincinnati Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

A motorcycle accident can cause devastating injuries that put your life on hold. If someone’s negligence caused your accident, you can explore legal options. When you’re filing a claim, it’s important to have representation at your side. The experienced Cincinnati motorcycle accident lawyers will help you get the compensation you deserve.

Bey & Associates, LLC has experienced lawyers who have successfully handled motorcycle claims in the past. We’re prepared to do everything possible to build your case to give you the best chance of getting favorable results.

After an accident, you may find insurance adjusters are contacting you to try and settle your case early. Their questions may start out as normal, but the information you give them could be used to reduce your compensation. For example, they may ask how you’re feeling, and you may think this is just a pleasantry. Typically, most people answer the question by saying they’re fine or they’re okay and you may do the same. However, the truth is that you’re not okay because of your injuries, but the insurance adjuster may use your answer as an indicator that your injuries aren’t as severe as you claim.

The insurance adjuster may also directly ask you about your injuries before you’ve had time to see a doctor. Without a medical evaluation, you will not know the extent of your injuries. If you start to tell the insurance adjuster about your injuries, you may miss something crucial. Some injuries may not present symptoms until days after the accident. When you’re seeking compensation, the insurance adjuster may say you didn’t mention pain in those areas in the initial conversation and you may not be able to get the full compensation you deserve.

With our lawyers at your side, you don’t have to worry about harassing phone calls from insurance adjusters. We can handle getting the correct information to the insurance company without putting your claim in jeopardy.

Before learning more about how our firm can help you, let’s look into the state’s laws on motorcycles.

Ohio Motorcycle Laws  

Motorcyclists in Cincinnati should be aware of the state’s laws. In Ohio, a motorcyclist needs a valid motorcycle license or endorsement. Ohio Code 4511.53 states those under the age of 18, anyone with motorcycle operating endorsement, and novice license holders need to have and wear an approved helmet when riding. Additionally, every motorcycle rider needs to have and use protective eyewear.

While motorcyclists over the age of 18 have the option to not wear a helmet, it’s highly recommended they do. In 2018, there were 144 fatal motorcycle fatalities in Ohio. 47 motorcyclists were wearing helmets and the remaining 97 were not. When a motorcyclist is involved in a wreck, they have little to no protection from the impact. Helmets help absorb shock and can also prevent objects from penetrating the skull.

Ohio motorcyclists can take nearly every precaution to make themselves as safe as possible like wearing protective gear and driving defensively. However, negligent drivers can cause accidents that the motorcyclist can’t avoid.

How Do Motorcycle Accidents Happen?

There are many reasons why a motorcycle accident can happen. On the road, motorcyclists appear as much smaller objects than other cars. When a motorist is looking to change lanes or make a left-hand turn with oncoming traffic, they may look for cars but not notice a motorcyclist. If they don’t see the biker approaching, a wreck could happen.

While head-on collisions can cause the most damage, nearly any contact between a bike and motor vehicle can be enough to make the motorcyclist lose balance. Falling off the bike while traveling at high speeds can cause serious injuries that require immediate medical attention.

What Makes Motorcycle Injuries So Severe?

Motorcyclists are at risk of sustaining injuries like traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, internal organ damage, road rash, and soft tissue injuries. The injuries can easily become severe and sometimes life-threatening because there’s nothing to absorb the crash impact.

The medical expenses for these injuries can be expensive. You’ll likely need to stay in a hospital and receive professional care. Taking medication and undergoing surgical procedures may be part of the recovery. Additional care may be necessary after you leave the hospital, like going to physical therapy.

When all these costs add up, you may be dealing with a mountain of medical bills. This can be overwhelming for anyone, but this doesn’t have to be only your responsibility. Our lawyers will fight for your rights so you can get the compensation that will allow you to cover your medical needs, as well as recovery for the other costs of the accident.

While medical bills would be considered economic damages, you’ve probably also dealt with non-economic damages. This covers items like pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. An accident can not only cause physical injuries, but living with the injury and recovering can be emotionally challenging. Our lawyers will assess the noneconomic losses of your accident and keep that in mind when determining the compensation you deserve.

Get Trusted Legal Expertise

Motorcycle claims may be more complex than you’d expect. Unfortunately, there is a stigma against motorcyclists that stereotypes them as reckless, meaning they’re more likely the cause for the accident. Our Cincinnati attorneys understand this isn’t the case and will launch a full and thorough investigation to get the evidence to show how you weren’t at fault for the accident.

Our firm works with professionals like investigators and accident reconstructionist experts to find out how the accident happened, who was at fault, and how it resulted in your injuries. You can rest assured that we’re protecting your rights.

Schedule a free consultation with our firm today. We’ll go over the merits of your case and discuss your options. You deserve to have dedicated attorneys who will answer your questions, keep you updated on your case, and help you stand up to an insurance company when they’re trying to give you less compensation than you deserve. Bey & Associates, LLC is here for you.