Understanding Damages: Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers Explaining Your Entitlements

Personal injury victims in Atlanta, Georgia, are entitled to monetary compensation per state law. However, in most cases, the negligent party and their insurance company refuse to pay or fight to reduce claims. This is when you should hire a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta who can fight for your claim on your behalf and negotiate an amount that can cover the expenses you are paying out of your own pocket.

Damages Personal Injury Victims May Be Eligible For

Depending on the type of injuries you suffered because of another party’s negligence, you may be entitled to the following damages:

Medical Expenses

You may be eligible for compensation for medical costs that arise from your injuries. These include past, present, and future costs for delayed injuries like whiplash. In certain cases, your lawyer can estimate future medical expenses after consulting with medical professionals and financial experts.

Lost Income

If you are bedridden because of your injuries, you may be entitled by Georgia law to reimbursement by the negligent party. These are also known as ‘lost profits,’ and the exact amount you may receive will be impacted by your employment status (whether you are salaried, an independent contractor, or earn a wage).

A proficient personal injury lawyer in Atlanta can fight for the amount that can cover the time you missed from work due to your injuries. Technically, the amount will cover sick leaves or vacation leaves you take for your health. You are entitled to those days away from work since you are recuperating from injuries, not sick or on vacation.

Property Damage

If you were involved in a car crash due to a negligent driver, you might be entitled to property damage, i.e., items damaged due to the accident, such as your car, personal items in the vehicle, etc. As per Georgia law, in some cases, victims may also be eligible for a fair market value of their vehicle and the personal items they lost in the accident. This can happen if your car went up in flames and there was nothing to salvage.

Punitive Damages

Victims of personal injuries may be eligible for punitive damages if fraudulent or malicious acts caused the injuries. In this case, your lawyer can argue that the guilty party should pay punitive damages as punishment for their actions. These are in addition to the damages mentioned above you may receive.

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