How Good Are Atlanta’s Drivers Compared to Other Drivers?

No matter where you are from, everyone has an opinion about the drivers in their city and in the cities they visit across the country.  Stereotypes exist nationwide when it comes to the expected behavior of drivers in different areas across the country.  Southerners think northerners drive too fast, and northerners think southerners drive too slowly.  Drivers in west coast beach towns drive distracted, while drivers in big east-coast cities are in too big of a hurry.

You may think your town is one of the safer places to drive, or you may admit that it is dangerous. But what do the statistics say?

A recent study on used 2 million driver data points to determine which of America’s 75 most populous metro city areas have the best and worst driving record.  Using statistics from accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, and citations, QuoteWizard ranked each US city from worst to best.  Meaning, topping the list this time is NOT a good thing.

Where Does Atlanta Rank on a List of Best and Worst Driving Cities in America?

Atlanta drivers have some work to do.  Ringing in at number 22 on the list is not an achievement to be proud of.  Georgians may be surprised to learn that cities like Chicago, New York, Miami, and Detroit statistically are much safer to drive in than the city of Atlanta.  In fact, Detroit claimed the top prize for being the Best Driving City of the 75 cities studied.

Sacramento, CA tops the list as the Worst Driving City in America, largely due to having the highest number of traffic citations and almost the highest number of accidents and DUIs.  In fact, the state of California filled 7 of the top 15 spots on the list.  Other southern cities like Columbia, SC and Charleston, SC rank numbers 23 and 27, followed by New Orleans, LA at number 29.

What Can the Worst Driving City in America Learn from the Best Driving City in America? 

Excessive speeding and disregard for traffic safety laws lead to an increased number of accidents and ultimately, more dangerous roadways.  Drivers who care about the city and state they live in should learn from this study the importance of increasing driver awareness and effort towards driving safe.

Drivers in the city of Atlanta and the state of Georgia need to slow down, follow traffic safety laws, and drive with focus.  Bey & Associates is dedicated to the goal of every driver in Atlanta reaching his or her destination safely.  If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident on a Georgia roadway, an Atlanta car crash attorney can help.  Contact our legal team today for a free, no-obligation consultation of your case.

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