What to do After a Dog Attack

The majority of Dog Attacks happen to young children in their neighborhood. Child victims of dog bites often make a trip to the emergency room to get stitches, rabies shots, and in severe cases, even plastic surgery. As the number of dog bites increases so does the number of lawsuits.

Becoming the victim of a dog attack can leave lasting scars and trauma for years into the future.

Dog Attacks that happen to a child usually require the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. Often when an attorney files a dog bit lawsuit it can prompt a quick settlement. What to do after a dog attack to protect your case?

Here are a few tips to follow if you or someone you love has been bitten by a dog:

Seek Medical Attention
Depending on the severity of the dog bite, an ambulance may need to be called. After being bitten by a dog, the main priority should be medical treatment. If the dog is a stray or unvaccinated, an infection could occur if left untreated. Even if the injuries appear minor, it is always advised to seek a professional opinion.

Take Pictures of your Injuries
If possible, take pictures of where the dog bit or scratched you. This will help your case when you file a lawsuit. You should also take photos or video of the scene of the attack and any ripped or bloody clothing.

Identify the Dog’s Owner
It is crucial to your case to find the identity of the attacking dog’s owner. If the dog is a stray or you are unable to identify the owner, it will be very difficult to file an accident injury case.

File a Dog Bite Report
After you have received the proper medical care, it is important to file a report with the proper county or city authorities. This will legally document your case anBest Dog Attack Attorneys in Georgia d help any future victims if they are attacked by the same dog.

Gather Information
It is important to gather any information you can about the dog who bit you. Check and see if they are already registered as a dangerous dog. Any information you can find may help when filing a lawsuit.

Contact a Dog Bite Injury Attorney
If you or your child has fallen victim to a dog attack in Georgia, you will need to contact an attorney with experience handling animal attack cases. Filing a dog bite injury case without the help of a lawyer who understands the complicated legal process can be difficult. Your attorney will help gather the necessary information to file a lawsuit against the negligent dog owner.

Bey & Associates has a team of Georgia personal injury lawyers who have been representing victims of dog attacks for many years. If you would like to speak with a Dog Bite Injury Lawyer, contact us for a free case evaluation now.

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