How to Prioritize Safety While Staying in a Hotel

When you stay in a hotel, you might not be thinking about how to stay as safe as possible. You’re probably thinking about your trip, the destination, or what activities you’ll be doing outside of your hotel, but you should also be thinking about how to prioritize your safety while staying in the hotel. Plenty of accidents can happen at a hotel, which is why you should be as careful and vigilant as possible.

When an accident happens that wasn’t your fault, you could use the help of a premises liability lawyer. Our attorneys at Bey & Associates are dedicated to getting you justice when someone else’s negligence caused your injuries and damages. Let’s take a look at how you can remain safe in your hotel.

Different Accidents That Can Happen at Hotels and Resorts

The best way to prioritize safety while staying in a hotel is to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Even though you might expect it to be a perfect space that you can’t be harmed in, you should still be vigilant and on the lookout for potential hazards. In order to be as safe as possible at your hotel, you should know common accidents that can happen where you’re staying.

One of the most common accidents that can happen at a hotel is a slip and fall accident. Torn carpets, wet floors, and poorly maintained stairs can all be causes for a guest’s fall when they’re walking around the premises or walking to their room. Hotel staff is expected to monitor the grounds at all time to ensure that they’re safe for guests, so it’s likely that a slip and fall would be the fault of the hotel for neglecting to keep the premises safe.

Another way you can try to remain safe at a hotel is by knowing how much security they have and what measures they have in place to keep their guests protected. If they have security in place, but they end up being negligent and allowing dangerous situations to happen to their guests, then they could be guilty of negligent security.

While you won’t absolutely know how safe a hotel is until you arrive on the premises, doing research before your stay is one of the main ways you can determine how safe the hotel and its surrounding area is. Looking at reviews of your potential hotel can help you figure out if it’s safe. You can also research reviews of surrounding buildings and areas to determine if your hotel is in a safe part of town.

Additionally, when you’re in your room, you can prioritize safety by closing your curtains and locking the door behind you every time. Other guests shouldn’t have access to your room, but in the off chance that there is a security breach, you should always keep your door locked so that you are safe. Keeping your curtains closed can keep others from seeing into your room when you don’t want them to.

Even though you can do research to determine safety before arriving to your hotel, there are some responsibilities that the hotel has to keep you safe.

What Are the Hotel’s Safety Responsibilities?

When you stay at a hotel and are on their property, you are considered an invitee on their premises, which means that you are entitled to certain safety measures and protections. According to Georgia premises liability law, a hotel would be liable for any injuries that a guest suffers because the management failed to exercise ordinary care in keeping the premises safe.

Here are some steps hotel staff should take to ensure that their grounds are safe for guests at all times:

  • Inspecting hallways and stairwells to ensure they’re clear and safe
  • If floors are wet, there are wet floor signs next to the slippery surfaces
  • Promptly turning and cleaning rooms for new guests and providing them with freshly cleaned linens
  • Ensuring the pool and spa areas are clean and safe
  • Inspecting rooms and the hotel for pests, and getting rid of them immediately if found
  • Having security cameras and other security measures to keep their guests safe
  • Posting their safety policies so guests are aware

If you were abiding by the hotel’s safety measures and still suffered injuries from an accident that was caused by their negligence, then they are likely liable for the injuries and damages that you’ve sustained. When that happens, you could use the help of an attorney.

How Can a Slip and Fall Lawyer Help?

As a guest at a hotel, you’re entitled to being safe on their grounds. If that doesn’t happen and you suffer injuries because of the hotel’s negligence, one of our slip and fall accident lawyers in Atlanta can defend your rights. At Bey & Associates, we’re here to help you.

We’ll investigate what happened to you, what caused your accident, who was at fault, and what you’re owed in compensation for your damages. With us by your side, we can ensure that you won’t settle for less than you deserve. Reach out to us today so that we can discuss your legal options and get started working for you.

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