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The Hidden Dangers of Concussions

We’re often told that injuries “come with the territory” of participating in team sports. Players commonly walk away from games...
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Facts You May Not Know About Birth Injuries

Birth injuries are the result of damage to the tissues and organs of a newly delivered child and are often...
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Welcome to the New Bey & Associates Website

At Bey & Associates, we've spent the last 20+ years providing our clients with expert legal counsel. We've recovered over...
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Top Reasons Why Workers Comp Benefits Are Denied

Work Injury Claims Denied If you have been involved in a work-related accident and suffered an injury, you deserve to...
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Prescription Drug Error as Medical Malpractice

Malpractice lawsuits can occur for many different reasons and Prescription Drug Error is just one of the main forms of medical malpractice...
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What to do After a Dog Attack

The majority of Dog Attacks happen to young children in their neighborhood. Child victims of dog bites often make a...
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